The Living Future

#LivingFuture is an inspiration community & platform 4 and by The #LivingFuture. LivingFuture is for children, young adults, people who still feel young at heart and/ or people who work wit them; changemakers that want to make a difference. An initiative powered by LightWorks, Crossborderprosperity, …. and you?!?!

Please join us AND invite others to join us if you are or want to create a positive change in the world, society, community, your fam and/ or your own live.

Share what you are doing; share your inspiration; co-create. If you would like to join us, support us and/ or want more inforamtion, Contact our Education & Acaemy team; join us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe for the Living Future Co-(ok) Creation 2014.



Over LightWorks

LightWorks helpt jou of jouw team op weg, naar persoonlijke & professionele groei. Dit doen we door te coachen, workshops aan te bieden & lezingen te geven die empoweren en inspireren.

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