I am a free soul,
Without desire or goal.

There is no slavery,
Only bravery.

Along the way I shall learn,
To teach at some point of return.

Whatever the hurdles may be,
All I see is stepping stones for me.

Life gave lemons and we made lemonade.
In the end we are the ones to have ourselves upgrade.

Whenever you are put down,
Go far away out of town.

Life will go on either with or without you.
This certainly is a lesson I found to be true.


Mind Reset Coach | Poet | Yoga teacher

Soham is a true multi-talent. Besides being a coach, he is a yoga teacher, musician, and sound healer. His life experience and elaborate skill set allow him to help cure the biggest traumas with surgical precision. Soham also guides LightWorks coachees in realizing lives that exceed their wildest dreams.

Soham has his head in the clouds and his feet planted firmly on the ground. He has a passion for fast cars, Italian food, and Google tools. Also, don’t be surprised if he sends you an inspiring quote on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Book a power coaching session with Soham, take a self-love subscription, or sign up for the upcoming Verlicht Werken-bootcamp (Dutch-language).

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