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Radical Honesty in Dating & Relationships

26/09/2017 @ 19:00 - 21:30

Do you want to transform your life by telling the truth? I started practicing radical honesty in dating and relationships about 1,5 years ago. It changed my life and the life of the men I’ve been with in the best way possible. So the 19th of september on Tuesday, I am inviting my and/ or LightWorks biggest supporters and/ or participants to explore and share our experiences and techniques in this form of communication. Hope you can and will be there!

Radical honesty pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of in the avenue of communication allowing me to fully express myslef without internalizing thoughts and emotions that would otherwise turn into resentment or a silent longing for understanding.
Not only did I have the most rewarding and challenging conversations in my life, allowing me to grow exponentially through each exchange, but it is also bringing me to new levels of connection, intimacy and sexual connection that has left me wanting to spread the word about this beautiful practice called Radical Honesty.

This gathering is for you if you want to:
* express yourself and communicate in an more loving and effective way while standing in your thruth
* have a deeper relationship and experience more intimacy with yourself and others and/ or
* share your experience with practicing radical honesty in your relationship(s)

A two and a half hour gathering including facilitated group discussions, sharing my experiences with radical honesty in dating and relationships (myself & participants), as well as some 1 on 1 and group radical honesty and white tantra exercises.

* Take things less personally and ask for what you want
* Communicate more clearly and effectively from the heart by expressing what you feel (appreciations, irritations and resentments)
* Valuing yourself by standing in your truth
* Most amazing conversations, intimite moments and/ or sex ever

Radical Honesty is a kind of communication that is direct, complete, open and expressive. Radical Honesty means you tell the people in your life what you’ve done or plan to do, what you think, and what you feel. It’s the kind of authentic sharing that creates the possibility of love and intimacy.

Tuesday 26th of September 2017
The Hague/ Scheveningen

To register in advance, please email me at shanti@light-works.nu with the subject “Workshop Radical Honesty in dating & relationships” and wire the money to: NL26 TRIO 0390 5238 01 adressed to LightWorks. I wil send you a confirmation of particpance and some extra info.

• Admission: €30
• Student/unemployed/money is a problem: €20
• Bring a friend and receive a €10 discount
• Payment for this info evening will get you a €30 or € 20 discount for the Radical Honesty weekend workshop in The Hague or Amsterdam in the beginning of the new year in 2018 or a €10 discount on Tantra workshop ‘Open up your heart’

If you have any questions, please email shanti@light-works.nu (or send a PM on Facebook to Shanti Silos).

My name is Shanti Silos and I am the business founder and owner of a tranformation coach collective called www.Light-Works.nu. I am also a self-love activist, radical honesty practicioner, radical honesty counsler in training, international speaker, writer, filmmaker, multi-entrepreneur and life – & business coach from The Netherlands. Since 1999 I have been passionately serving those desiring to lead a heart centered life. I inspire and activate others to (re)connect with themselves, stand in their power, take action, create a (work)life excel their greatest dreams and live a life of purpose & service.

There will also be a guest facilitator that will lead the white tantra excercises!

Me and some of the men I have dated have been sharing this concept with some of our close friends since last year and this is what one of them had to say about their experience with it: “I’ve been practicing radical honesty in my relationship and it has been powerful! Grounding yourself in love giving each other the space to say ANYTHING that comes to your mind about that person or situation that they would be tempted to hold back or never say.

Each person is challenged to receive this (sometimes uneasy) feedback without attaching any emotion to it. The key is breathing. You must take that feedback in as information, inhale it, then hold it inside for a moment and notice the emotions that try to attach themselves to that information and choose to let go of that attachment on the exhale and believe that it’s not easy to be completely honest and you guys decided to come from love so honesty is the most loving thing you can give or receive. Then you must continue choosing to detach emotion and respond in love and provide feedback the other way.

Start slow, breathe, re-ground yourself in love and gratitude for the information and understand that just because they say it, that doesn’t me it’s totally true. It is their interpretation of the situation based on their lens! If that doesn’t land as truth to you then that’s ok. It’s just information and can develop new understandings in the future. Communication is Everything.”

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19:00 - 21:30